• Monique Peters

Let's Give Back!

Hello My Beautiful Darlings!

No doubt it's been a rough couple of weeks since our transition from an administration whose policies benefitted our great country, opened doors that had been closed for so many and afforded us the ability to provide for our families.

Now the times have changed, but our hearts and intentions don't have to change with it.

Finding ways to give back is the best way to remain grateful for what we do have and continue to give hope to those who might be quickly losing what they have.

I'd like to start a donation fund that will be ongoing and can serve as a resource for us to provide some help to those in need. Whether it be some money for prescriptions, food, medical care or just a rainy day gift to help with expenses.

This story was my inspiration for starting this fund.

I need your help! There are three ways to pitch in:

  • Donate (any amount, can be one time or monthly) *The more donations, the more people we can bless*

  • Share this message with anyone and everyone!

  • Help me find people or families to bless

I have set up a PayPal link for you to donate directly.

Once we get donations going, I will be sending out more information on how you can nominate a family member or person in need. We can then discuss how you would like the donation to go out if your nominee gets chosen. It can be anonymous, courtesy of my platform or we can make the donation in your name.

I am very excited to get to do this and to do it with all of you who have blessed me in so many ways.

Let's Bless!

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