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Hello Everyone! It’s been a While.

I know I've been gone from the site and from YouTube for a while but a few weeks ago, I started posting again so if you haven't been back, you've missed a lot! I'll post my Where I've been video here for you to start with. :)

At any rate, I wanted to let you all know that for next two weeks I will be banned from posting on YouTube due to another strike I recieved, this time for the coverage I did at this years CPAC and my interview with Mike Lindell. Unfortunately if I get one more strike my YouTube channel will be removed from the platform permanently.

I need your help to please keep my Channel Trending and out of algorithm jail!

Here's the steps you can take to help

  1. Make sure your still subscribed to my channel and that you've hit the 🔔 notifications so your notified when I'm live or have posted a video. They have automatically deleted alot of you!

2. If you have a few minutes in your day go hit the like button on my newest videos and drop a comment letting me know your there!

3. Last but not least share the channel with anyone you think might enjoy the content. I've switched it up a bit and now cover a little bit of everything so let's get some new viewers added!

Thank You all so much for your continued support and messages of encouragement!

These past few years have been rough on all of us in different ways but as for me, I'm back and better than ever!

Love you Fam!

Monique (Let's Talk Darling)

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