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About Monique

Monique Peters is a Mother, Anti-Bullying Advocate, Body Positivity Model and conservative political commentator from Dallas, Texas. She grew up in a strict household with her spanish-speaking mother who came to the United States from Asuncion Paraguay and her father, a retired Master Gunnery Srgt who was born in Puerto Rico and later worked for the US State Dept. Monique was raised to be determined, a hard worker and have a strong moral backing. Nevertheless, she has had her fair share of ups and downs. Monique struggled with being bullied as a young teen and reached a body of weight of 409lbs as an adult. She was later faced with almost losing her eldest daughter to depression and self-harm. Monique realized that her life experiences were meant to be shared to help others.


Monique was raised in a socially conservative household, but her views politically and socially always leaned liberal growing up. Her "Red Pill Moment" and "Awakening" came after the 2009 Election of President Barack Obama, who she voted for and believed in. It was then that she saw how morally weak society was becoming and quickly realized we, as a nation, had a problem. Monique was determined to do her part in repairing the nation, but she knew she had to prioritize herself and her health before she could impact others. First, she chose God as her savior, then she chose herself and got to work! Monique lost over 235lbs, quit her mundane corporate job where she felt she wasn't serving her true purpose, began to implement a regime of disciplined habits and did what made her happy: connecting with people.


Monique has served as a motivational speaker for teens about goal setting and achieving dreams, been interviewed for Voyage Dallas Magazine and was a guest on the Mindfluxed podcast in Minneapolis. She was a host on the Web Talk show Mouthful and will soon be found as a regular commentator on Onyx News.

While Monique may be found on most major online social media platforms including Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, Parlor, WimKin and especially YouTube, her website will be the hub of all things related directly to her and to things she has a strong interest in. Current events related to politics, general news (including the sometimes strange stories,) and cultural news will be found here.


Monique is always building and looking for strong partnerships that will help carry out her mission of moving the world forward in a positive direction! If you would like to support that in any way please head over to the Contact page and fill out the contact form.

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